Welcome from the President

Dear Bourbon Women:

Last week, I joined a few bourbon fans at my favorite local tasting bar to share this year’s Bourbon Women single barrel pick (Four Roses OBSV – delicious!) and talk about our favorite whiskeys.  The women I met are the kind of women you want in your life – dynamic, smart, connected, professional women who also just happen to enjoy America’s native spirit. I was thrilled to spend time with them and even more thrilled when they decided to join Bourbon Women!

Since I joined Bourbon Women, I’ve not only learned a lot about Bourbon, but I’ve also made wonderful friendships among like-minded women from across the country.  That’s what I think makes BW so special – our members are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable, and they obviously have exceedingly good taste.

We’re only a few weeks into 2018, and already, our calendar is full of bourbon adventures to share! From behind-the-scenes distillery tours to blind tastings to the unparalleled annual Sip-osium, we have a fantastic year ahead!  These events are too much fun to keep to ourselves, so invite some friends to join you.  I’m looking forward to sharing a toast with you in 2018!

Kerri Richardson

Bourbon Women President

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