Amber Circle

Amber Circle is the fundraising arm for mentorship programs within Bourbon Women. Our passion for spirits encourages us to pay it forward — creating programs to benefit a more diverse and inclusive membership that lifts us all up as we share our love of the bourbon culture and the spirits industry.

Bourbon Women’s Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

The Bourbon Women Association was founded on the principle of supporting women, and we continue that mission with a renewed commitment to supporting women from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in representation from all facets of human experience, including BIPOC women, LGBTQIA+ women, and women of different abilities, educational levels, and backgrounds. We believe that women should all feel an authentic sense of belonging, have a voice, and be involved in the decision-making processes of this organization. We believe that we are stronger together.

Amber Circle Mission Statement

Bourbon Women’s Amber Circle strives to empower women from underrepresented communities in the Bourbon and spirits industry. Women chosen for the Amber Circle-supported programs will be connected with a Bourbon Women mentor, provided with a free annual membership, and given scholarships to attend Bourbon Women events. The Amber Circle’s Leadership Cohort focuses on educational, personal, and professional development programs that will distill your passion for the bourbon industry and prove that you are celebrated and welcome in Bourbon Women no matter your mash bill.

Amber Circle Initiatives

  1. Sponsoring and mentoring women who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the SIPosium, an important way to learn about the industry and make industry connections.
  2. Diversity & Inclusion Training Cohort — will recruit a pool of diverse women who need mentoring and training to level up their careers in the distilled spirits industry.

Amber Circle Sponsors

The Amber Circle includes corporate and local industry leaders, fellow Bourbon Women members, and organizations committed to inclusion and equal opportunity in the spirits industry. Become an Amber Circle sponsor whether you are an individual or an organization.

Thank you to our Amber Circle sponsors who are supporting our efforts to mentor and educate women from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in the distilled spirits industry! We are currently seeking additional sponsors to support these initiatives. Individual sponsorships are $250 and corporate sponsorships are $1000.


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Gold Level Sponsors


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Individual Sponsors

Tori Whitaker

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Meet the Makers Series

We have been featuring women from all aspects of the “brown water industry” in our Meet the Makers series. But we are always looking for more women to feature, particularly those who are from diverse backgrounds.

Several of our Amber Circle SIPosium scholarship recipients are already on the list to be featured, and Brittany Penny‘s story is already live! If you aren’t familiar, Penny is the first Black woman CEO of a Kentucky Bourbon brand! Alicia Burton is the Production Supervisor at Jeptha Creed Distillery.

Do you have someone in mind we need to feature? Please email with your suggestions!

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