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Kentucky’s Bourbon Women expands to Indianapolis, Chicago and New York


It’s no secret women love bourbon. We’ve known that for years here in Kentucky, and the bourbon industry has been watching that demographic increase each year throughout the country — and world, for that matter.

Bourbon Women, a membership organization for women who love bourbon, has helped spread the love in the state, and since its inception in 2010 has gained more than 600 members in 23 states and countries. Today, the organization announced it will be opening branches in Indianapolis, Chicago and New York to further its mission: “To be an independent resource and inspirational forum, bringing women of all age groups together collectively to share our bourbon affinity.”

Indianapolis will be the first branch to launch this month, with Chicago and New York to open in the fall. Branch managers will serve as Bourbon Women ambassadors for women in those cities and will coordinate similar programming and events.

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