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BW President, Susan Reigler interviewed by Tasting Table - Meet the Women Shaking up the Liquor Industry

Picture a distillery: giant vats, clanking machinery, liquor bubbling up a tall still, perhaps a couple of bearded, burly distillers shoveling grain into a mash tun, another collecting booze from the tap.

It's no secret liquor has long been considered a boys' club, full of machismo or gentlemanly refinement. These days, though, a new crop of distilling professionals is destroying that stereotype.

"A woman actually invented the alembic still," Bourbon Women Association president and whiskey expert Susan Reigler says. "Later, farm women were tasked with distilling, while the men were out harvesting. Women have been a part of the industry in Scotland, Ireland and other places for a very long time."

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