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Chicago Tribune interviews BW Chicago Branch Ambassador, Gina Caruso

Barley's Angels, Women Who Whiskey, Bourbon Women breaking stigma of a 'woman's palate'

If you've watched a movie sometime in the last century, you'll recognize the concept of the "girly drink." A pink, flowery, fruity cocktail that a manly man wouldn't be caught dead sipping, destined only for the sensitive palates of the fairer sex.

Enter three Chicago organizations looking to break down the concept of the "woman's palate," the thought that women can't handle the same beer or liquor that men can, and educate the women of Chicago on how to enjoy spirits they might otherwise not feel comfortable drinking.

Outside of the world of hops and grains are the ladies of Bourbon Women, an international organization based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The non-profit was founded in 2011 before coming to Chicago in 2015.

The association, according to the Chicago chapter's organizer, Gina Caruso, provides a forum for women to explore their boozy tastes.

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