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Insider Louisville - 7 Questions with Susan Reigler

Many Louisvillians know Susan Reigler from the years she reviewed restaurants and covered spirits for The Courier Journal.

And now, she continues to write — although not for the CJ — but she’s whittled down what she prefers to cover, and that, of course, is Kentucky bourbon.

Reigler is a renowned author, educator, speaker and overall authority of all things bourbon, and you’ll often see her leading tastings for Bourbon Women, moderating a panel with master distillers or signing her numerous books.

Her latest project has been sampling more than 350 bourbons for the second edition of “The Bourbon Tasting Notebook,” which she co-writes with fellow bourbon expert Michael Veach.

The first edition of the handy little book came out in 2015 and featured tasting notes on 215 different bourbon brands. This one, which came out this week, adds 135 more to the roster.

G. Clay Whittaker of Men’s Journal reviewed the book and referred to Reigler and Veach as “the Lewis and Clark of the bourbon world … giving just enough input to steer you in the right direction.”

Reigler tells Insider the bourbons in the book are indexed by price range, style and proof, so it makes it easy to look up one of your favorites, or one you’re contemplating trying. She says that while the tasting sessions with Veach were fun, the authors had to limit themselves to four or five per meeting, accompanied with plenty of water and palate-cleansing crackers.

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