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Women Cast the Whiskey Vote

NEW DELHI: THE barometer seems to be tilting towards more and more women opting for whiskey as their choice of beverage, globally as well as in India. Nearly a third of Whiskey drinkers in the UK are now women.  Worldwide that figure stands at 25 per cent.

Music is not the only commonality between singers Lady Gaga and Rihanna. It’s whiskey too.  While Lady Gaga loves her Jameson Whiskey, Rihanna has sung songs about the spirit. Johnny Walker has actress Christina Hendricks as their model for the Black Label Scotch.

Back in the 1990s, only about 15 per cent of whiskey drinkers were female. Now, according to Fred Minnick, author of Whiskey Women, the number has plummeted to 37 per cent in the US.

According to the findings by the Bourbon Women Association, men and women have very clear and very different predilections when it comes to whiskey. The findings were discovered at the 2016 Anatomy Academy Blind Tasting in Louisville on June 15. Organizers gave the 33 men and 47 women in attendance, 12 different whiskies to blind taste and rank. When results were in, the organisers found that while the majority of men and women preferred high-proof whiskey, the genders split on flavour profiles. Women were more inclined towards a complex expression because scientifically it has been found women’s taste-buds are 43 times stronger than men.

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