[Bartender & Experience Creator]
Matson & Gilman, LLC

Position Description:

After three years in the bourbon tourism service, Matson&Gilman is excited to announce the opening of its first brick and mortar bourbon tasting room this summer in the Shelby Park neighborhood. The company seeks curious, warm, welcoming bar staff interested in growth opportunities and continuing spirits education.


  • Able to handle behind-the-bar and table-side service.
  • Must be comfortable with volume service.
  • Must be available in the evenings.
  • Excited to learn all facets of working in a bar setting and event space, from cocktails to flow management.
  • Curious and ready to learn; able to inspire passion for spirits in guests and interested in ongoing educational opportunities.
  • Comfortable with a range of duties, from cleaning and taking out the trash to managing bourbon education to scheduling and hosting parties.
  • Matson & Gilman is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates of color and LGBTQI-identifying candidates are encouraged to apply.

Application Directions:

  • Materials Required: Email the below address outlining why you want to work for us, what you like most about bartending & your contact information. Service industry resumes are acceptable, but if you’ve never bartended and think you’d be good at it if given a chance, please reach out to us!
  • Deadline for Application: June 10, 2019
  • Application Contact: matsongilman@gmail.com

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