Est. 1936, the Willett Distillery is perched atop the highest point in Nelson County, Kentucky.  After 80 years, Willett remains independent, family owned and truly family operated. Today, over 45,000 tourists visit Willett annually necessitating a number of  hospitality expansion projects including the addition of a classic cocktail bar, coffee shop and overnight accommodations.

Position Summary

Willett Whiskey Hosts are responsible for welcoming guests, ensuring each guests is made to feel valued, providing an entertaining, accurate education about whiskey production, history and the premium Willett family of brands.  Hospitality, serving others and gratitude are paramount values for the Willett family.  Consequently, Willett Whiskey Hosts personify the signature Willett family variety of southern hospitality.  Willett Whiskey Hosts guide walking tours of the historic Willett property and conduct educational product tastings.  Willett Whiskey Hosts serve whiskey shop customers, providing thoughtful product recommendations based on consumer preferences, facilitate purchases and stock products.

Additionally, Willett Whiskey Hosts support the inviting appearance of the property by regularly cleaning, organizing and replenishing surroundings.

Ideal candidates are interested in continual education with a healthy curiosity in the whiskey industry, constantly seeking information and further readings.

As a small family owned business, respectful behavior, teamwork and flexibility are essential for success.  All staff members are required to look for opportunities to assist fellow employees daily.

Willett Whiskey Hosts serve as the company’s liaison to consumers and as such the importance of this position to the overall success of the organization family cannot be overstated.  The ability to establish relationships and encourage memorable experience beyond replication is central to this position.

Qualifications & Skills

Must be 21 or older to apply.

High School Diploma required.

Exceptional verbal communication skills required.  Charm and whit appreciated.

Must demonstrate an unwavering positive attitude, with a strong commitment to honesty, work ethic and teamwork.

Interested candidates should submit a resume to

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