Celebrating Leaders in Whiskey

Women are rocking the whiskey world. From our rock star master distillers, to master blenders, brand ambassadors, bartenders and more, women are blazing a trail of excellence and hard work throughout the industry.  They deserve recognition and celebration from the whiskey world and the women who buy their products.


Bourbon Women is proud to present the WOW (Women of Whiskey) awards, to celebrate these change-makers. The first-of-its-kind awards ceremony celebrates women throughout the industry displaying excellence and elevating women and the role they play in making the great whiskey loved around the world.  As the first female-focused bourbon consumer organization, and the host of the first national conference, Bourbon Women SIPosium is the first awards ceremony to uplift and support women in the industry.


Join us in celebrating the women you know changing the face of the whiskey world. These awards recognize and celebrate the women in the industry who are leaders in their craft, providing opportunities for connection and community in the spirits industry, who uplift and develop the women and underrepresented members of their team, and who represent the very best of the talented women in the whiskey industry.


The award criteria are designed to be rigorous in helping the judging panel evaluate the individual not only on her own merit but also on how she is changing the role of women and under-represented communities in the industry, how she uplifts others, leads and connects people throughout the industry to make the spirits community stronger. For this reason, we are asking for letters of recommendation for many of the awards, both from within and outside of their companies. The judging panel expects a demonstration of each judging criterion to be addressed by the letters and supporting information.


AUGUST 16th  |  6:30 PM  |  Louisville


Nominate Now

About the WOW Award Nomination and Judging Process

Each year, Bourbon Women opens nominations for 4 weeks for companies, communities, establishments, media companies, and groups to nominate women they feel represent the top movers and shakers in the industry.  During those three weeks, information should be submitted with specific examples of how the nominations meet the specific criteria for each WOW award type.




Once nominations are closed, a small group of five industry experts will judge the applications with a scoring rubric based on how well the individual’s submitted information displays the criteria for that award. The judges will remain anonymous and are not influenced by the companies and brands that support Bourbon Women, the Bourbon Women Foundation, or the WOW awards.


During the judging process, 2 finalists will be selected for each category. The finalists will be invited to appear in person as a special guest of Bourbon Women at the WOW awards at the Bourbon Women SIPosium on Friday, August 16, 2024. We encourage all candidates and finalists to attend the WOW awards dinner where industry professionals and consumers alike will gather to recognize and celebrate women in the whiskey industry at this one-of-a-kind event. Tickets will be available for the WOW Awards presentation once the finalists have been selected!



Women of Whiskey WOW Awards 2024

The following is a list of the 10 awards for this year, with the expectation that these categories will be increased each year as the WOW awards expands to recognize all of the important ways and roles that women are changing and shaping the whiskey industry:

Master Distiller/Production Manager of the Year

Master Blender of the Year

Woman-Owned Brand of the Year

Brand Ambassador of the Year

Spirits Writer of the Year

Spirits Influencer/Podcaster of the Year

Bartender of the Year

Mike Keyes Ally of the Year

Legacy Achievement Award

Spirits Diversity Program of the Year


To see the criteria for each of these awards, please click through at the link below. Nominations  close May 31st at midnight PST. If you have any questions about the process, please email info@bourbonwomen.org

WOW Award Criteria

Winners of the WOW award will be judged on criteria below.  The nomination forms ask for specific examples of how the nominee displays these attributes.

Nominations close May 31st at midnight PST

Woman-owned Brand of the Year

Criteria: Vision, Entrepreneurship, Quality, Advocacy, Execution

Spirits Inflencer/Podcaster of the Year

Criteria: Creativity, Production, Digital Engagement, Authenticity, Community-Engagement

Legacy Achievement Award

Criteria: Innovation, Leadership, Inclusivity, Impact, Excellence

Master Distiller/ Production Manager of the Year

Criteria: Leadership, Team development, Innovation, Problem-solving, Teamwork

Spirits Writer of the Year

Criteria: Knowledge, Communication, Professionalism, Integrity, Creativity

Bartender of the Year

Criteria: Hospitality, Mixology expertise, Problem-solver, Inclusivity, Organization

Spirits Diversity Program of the Year

Criteria: Champion, Collaboration, Impact, Diversity, Inclusion, Innovation

Master Blender of the Year

Criteria: Ingenuity, Sensory awareness, Creativity, Product focus, Market awareness

Brand Ambassador of the Year

Criteria: Communication, Passion, Creativity, Connection, Network, Knowledge

Mike Keyes Ally of the Year

Criteria: Mentorship, Advocacy, Empowerment, Development, Education

WOW (Women of Whiskey) Awards Presentation

Join us on Friday, August 16, 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky as we celebrate the finalists and award the winners of the WOW awards during our Bourbon Women National SIPosium conference. Over 400 industry and consumer attendees are expected to support and cheer on the women who are blazing trails and taking charge in the whiskey industry.

6:30 p.m. Cocktail reception
7:30 Awards presentation starts

Women of Whiskey WOW Award Winners 2023

The following is a list of the 10 Award Winners for 2023, the inaugural year. We created this awards to recognize all of the important ways and roles that women are changing and shaping the whiskey industry:

Legacy Achievement Award: Rebecca Harris (Founder, Chief Distiller, Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.)

Master Distiller/Production Manager of the Year: Alex Castle (Master Distiller and Senior Vice President, Old Dominick)

Master Blender of the Year: Heather Greene (Master Distiller, Founder and CEO, Milam & Greene Whiskey)

Brand Ambassador of the Year: Angel Teta (National Guardian of Advocacy & Brand Culture, Angel’s Envy)

Woman-Owned Brand of the Year: Heaven Hill Brands

Bartender of the Year: Tiffanie Barriere (The Drinking Coach)

Spirits Influencer/Podcaster of the Year: Sara Ahlgrim (It’s Bourbon Night)

Spirits Writer of the Year: Pheobe Calver (Editor, American Whiskey Magazine)

Spirits-Diversity Program of the Year: Beam Suntory

Mike Keyes Champion/Ally of the Year: Emma Hutchens (Chief of Human Resources, Heaven Hill Brands)

To see the criteria for each of these awards, please click through at the link below. Nominations  close May 31st at midnight PST. If you have any questions about the process, please email info@bourbonwomen.org

Bring Your Team to Celebrate Your Nominees

We’re inviting all nominees, their teams and brands across the country to celebrate the change that women are making in the whiskey world.


Have a Question?

Drop us a line if you have a question we can help with in the nomination process.  Let us know how we can help.

Supported by the Bourbon Women Foundation

This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of our Bourbon Women Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to support the professional development and training of women in the spirits and related industries to change the face of bourbon and whiskey.  You can support our 501(c)3 foundation here:

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