Nancy Roberts,
Branch Ambassador

Yakira Bristol,
Branch Ambassador

Colorado’s rich history of distilling goes back to the Gold Rush.  Today, we have 100+ distilleries in Colorado trying to capture the unique flavor brought by a dry climate, high altitude, and pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt.

Our high altitude and dry climate in Colorado leads to a higher angel’s share loss which creates a higher-proof product and a complex flavor profile. While you know Colorado favorites like Old Elk and Breckenridge, you may not know some others. Award-winning ryes come from 291 who is using aspen tree staves to further capture a unique Colorado flavor while Leopold Brothers is using the first three-chamber still since Prohibition to create ryes with enormous depth and complexity. There has been a recent boom in Single Malt Whiskeys made by Colorado distilleries such as Boulder Spirits, Laws, Stranahan’s, Deerhammer, and Woody Creek. Colorado’s love of whiskey and pioneering spirit will continue to bring new and exciting products for years to come. We welcome you to come have a sip with us!

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