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We are excited to announce and WELCOME you to the new Bourbon Women Missouri Branch! Bourbon Women is a one-of-a-kind organization for women who are passionate about Bourbon culture, strong women, and the promise of adventure when the two are combined. Bourbon Women is the first all-female consumer group in this industry and serves as a platform for a community of like-minded women. Bourbon Women promotes whiskey education, encourages discussion and appreciates tasting, all while enjoying time with friends.

Bourbon distillation is a timeless tradition in the state of Missouri with roots dating back over 160 years. The Holladay Distillery, located in Weston, Missouri, was established in 1856 and is the oldest business in the Kansas City area. The distillery is currently aging Real Missouri Bourbon and looks forward to sharing it with all of you! The very first event to kick off the new Bourbon Women Missouri Branch will be held at the distillery this spring.

The best part about the Bourbon Women Missouri Branch is that we have ambassadors on both sides of the state, in both the Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas. Events will be planned accordingly in both cities and we welcome members throughout the state of Missouri to join us!

We can’t wait to share a sip or two and hear your bourbon story! Email us at


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