Bourbon Women are as dedicated to elevating fellow women as we are to raising an exceptional pour. This year Bourbon Women is introducing a SIP of service to our annual SIPosium to bring action to our dedication. We’re calling it Bourbon and Blazers – a nod to our passion and the clothing that makes us feel professional and powerful in all the rooms we inhabit.

The inaugural pairing is with Dress for Success Louisville. Dress for Success Louisville works to advance the careers of underserved women through access to professional attire. For more about Dress for Success and their mission to uplift members of the community, go to

If you are interested in empowering the women of Louisville, please consider bringing the following items for donation:

  • New / nearly new, laundered professional attire
  • Hats and fascinators
  • Accessories and handbags welcome – Dress for Success outfits women from head to toe

Not only does this support women in their professional careers, this is the perfect way to get a little extra space in your closet, and a little extra room in your suitcase as you return from SIP with bottles and swag. It aligns with our Bourbon Women values and supports the local community as our attendees come in from across the country.

Donations will be accepted on Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th at 4 pm.

Donation receipts will be available at the drop-off spot at SIPosium August 15th-17th


Empowering Women Through Collaboration

When we think of the impact that the partnership between Bourbon Women and Dress for Success has on our community, several key benefits come to mind:


Empowering Women

By supporting Dress for Success’ mission, Bourbon Women are helping to provide professional attire and career development support to women in need, empowering them to achieve economic independence and success.

Career Advancement

Bourbon Women’s support can help women break the cycle of poverty, gain confidence, and advance in their careers. This ultimately leads to greater financial stability through networking, career development workshops, and mentorship programs.

Building Confidence

Bourbon Women’s support ensures that women in need have access to clothing that makes them feel confident and empowered, setting them up for success in their professional endeavors.

Community Impact

By partnering with Dress for Success Louisville, Bourbon Women contribute to the broader community by supporting initiatives that promote equality, diversity, and economic empowerment. This collaboration fosters a sense of solidarity among women and underscores the importance of lifting each other up in pursuit of shared goals.

Overall, the partnership between Bourbon Women and Dress for Success Louisville is impactful as it not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term positive outcomes for women by providing them with the resources and support necessary to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.


Additional Information and Logistics

  • Shipping Donations: If people want to ship in their donations, they can send items directly to us. We will work with Dress for Success to organize the handoff.
  • Donation Drop-off Location: There will be a designated drop off location at SIPosium, centrally located near registration.
  • Accepted Items: Jewelry and accessories are welcome. Dress for Success outfits women from head to toe, and accessories are an important part of that.
  • Non-accepted Items: As a general rule, if you think a woman will feel empowered and confident in the outfit, WE WANT IT! Billy Jo communicated that even things like steel toed boots or work wear that would be useful in manufacturing or industrial settings will be great.
  • Future Events: This December, Dress for Success Louisville plans to host a Bourbon, Bags, and Bling Event. If anyone has any designer bags and jewelry that we could auction off, it would be fabulous.

By contributing to this initiative, you are helping to uplift women in our community, providing them with the tools and confidence needed to succeed. Thank you for your support and generosity!

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