Nominate Your Bourbon BFFs! Get ready to raise a glass and cheer – our Bourbon Women community is brimming with incredible members, and it’s time we celebrate them in style with our brand-new MemberSIP Awards Program.

Think of it as the Oscars, but for the phenomenal women who bring flair, warmth, and wisdom to our bourbon-loving family. From those who light up our gatherings with laughter and joy, to the empowering mentors who guide us in our bourbon journey and life, these awards are all about applauding the women who embody our core values:

  • Celebratory Joy – encourages and demonstrates excitement and celebration with each other’s success. Builds fun and celebration into activities and events. This member is the first to bring up an accomplishment or celebrate a member of the community.  She’s someone who makes sure we’re having fun and smiling our way through events and gatherings. She has a smile on her face and great energy about her when we’re together.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Invites and encourages everyone to join in and participate. Is welcoming to all and celebrates the value of unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Is not afraid to speak up in living this value.  This member welcomes everyone to the room, she engages and interacts with all, and she includes everyone in the conversation. She encourages diverse perspectives and values in conversation and supports that diversity with her actions and words.
  • Empowering Growth – Volunteers to mentor, counsel and teach. Encourages and celebrates the achievements of others.  Is sensitive to member needs and works to provide opportunities for development and growth.  Encourages members to pursue their passions and aspirations.  Is inspirational in how they live their life. This member helps new members find their way, takes extra time to help those developing their bourbon palate or helps with their professional development. She cheerleads and coaches members improving their bourbon life and their communities.
  • Community Connection – Looks for ways to connect themselves and others to the Bourbon Women community, the Bourbon World community and the local community.  Works to develop a sense of belonging where everyone feels they are seen, heard and supported. This member brings people together, connects them with our experiences, and creates that feeling of family and community. She’s the person introducing us to one another.  This is someone who takes a room full of women who love bourbon and turns them into a community sharing an experience.
  • Inspiring Recognition – passionately honors and supports women’s remarkable contributions to their communities and the wider world. This member is the first to share a member’s news about a new business, a new project or an award. She tags and cheers women excelling in their own professions or in the whiskey world, and she acknowledges and cheers on members in their own journeys of personal and professional growth.

Have someone in mind? Perfect! We’re calling for nominations. Whether it’s the life-of-the-party lady who always has a smile, the inclusive soul who makes everyone feel at home, or the inspiring mentor who cheers on our personal growth – let’s hear it!

Nominate any member who has touched your life, be it a local branch buddy, a sip-session companion, or a stellar board member. Share their stories and show how they sparkle in our community. Our committee of fabulous women from across the country will review nominations quarterly, so let’s make these awards as spirited and heartwarming as our favorite bourbon!

It’s easy –  just three questions and can be as short and sweet as you like! Shout out here!

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