We asked for you to nominate the Bourbon Women you know doing remarkable things that show how we express our BW values in the wider world. This month we are recognizing Tennessee member Becky Yannayon of Belle Meade Winery, nominated by Cindy Turchino

“Becky Yannayon is one of the most PASSIONATE people I know! Her knowledge in life is diverse and her excitement is infectious! And when it comes to BOURBON, there is a light that illuminates her as she shares her knowledge! She knows that what she has learned about our liquid gold is meant to be shared with others and she does so at every opportunity!

“Becky took on her role at Belle Meade Winery as a Bourbon Steward with so much gusto that it led her quickly to become the Executive Bourbon Steward for our property within 6 months of entering into her quest for Bourbon Knowledge. And now, only 4 short years later, Becky is in charge of: running a successful Bourbon Tasting experience in our Ice House; curating all Bourbon pairing experiences on property; holding classes, workshops and one on one’s with our Bourbon Stewards and Sommeliers to increase their knowledge and awareness of ALL THINGS BOURBON; and continues to be integral in creating new Bourbon Experiences on our Property and spreading the word to our neighbors and friends in the community about these new experiences!

“Becky’s love for Bourbon and enthusiasm for learning have taken our property to new heights as her guests depart their tasting experiences and head home to share their new found knowledge with family and friends. This always results in new guests finding Belle Meade and expressing interest in any and all of our Bourbon Experiences! Becky is always quick to share her fame with other Stewards on property who also provide the Bourbon Experiences these guests talk of! She lifts her fellow Bourbon Stewards up and encourages them to teach with the same vigor that she embodies!

“Becky Yannayon is a Bourbon legacy here at Belle Meade Winery and a Bourbon Woman who deserves to be honored in the Bourbon community for her hard work and dedication!”

Cindy’s nomination shows how Becky supports empowering growth as well as connecting community with her work at Belle Mead Winery. She uses her passion for bourbon to curate amazing experiences bring joy to her community.

We follow her here on Instagram.

Would you like to nominate a fabulous member making a different in your local community? We’re recognizing women who live our values in their communities: celebratory joy, diversity and inclusion, empowering growth community connection, and inspiring recognition. Have someone in mind? Perfect! We’re calling for nominations. Whether it’s the life-of-the-party lady who always has a smile, the inclusive soul who makes everyone feel at home, or the inspiring mentor who cheers on our personal growth – let’s hear it!

Nominate any member who has touched your life, be it a local branch buddy, a sip-session companion, or a stellar board member. Share their stories and show how they sparkle in our community. It’s easy –  just three questions and can be as short and sweet as you like! Shout out here!

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