We asked for you to nominate the Bourbon Women you know doing remarkable things that show how we express our BW values in the wider world. This month we are recognizing Michigan member Kathy Knighton nominated by Bourbon Women Treasurer and Michigan Branch Ambassador, Carol Otto.

“Since the inception of the Branch, Kathy has been the welcoming face for all our events. She immediately volunteered for the role of check-in person, giving a big smile, a name tag to all attendees and any and all special instructions. Kathy is quick to give a big welcome to new members and serves as the initial Bourbon Women introduction to members and non-members alike.

“Kathy also generously serves time on the Board of Directors for Five Points of Hope, an organization that raises money to generously give back to individuals and families experiencing financial hardship due to cancer. Her sense of community is certainly demonstrated with these efforts.

“Recognizing the good work of others is another key characteristic. Kathy is quick to congratulate and share the good news. She is very supportive of members looking to grow in their careers and aspiration. It’s been said, “the first impression is the lasting impression”. Kathy delivers a winning impression every time.”

Carol’s nomination shows how Kathy connections members to one another, welcomes everyone to the community, and recognizes and supports members of Bourbon Women and her community at large. She is living the values central to the mission of Bourbon Women and we want to recognize and cheer her on for all that she does.

Would you like to nominate a fabulous member making a different in your local community? We’re recognizing women who live our values in their communities: celebratory joy, diversity and inclusion, empowering growth community connection, and inspiring recognition. Have someone in mind? Perfect! We’re calling for nominations. Whether it’s the life-of-the-party lady who always has a smile, the inclusive soul who makes everyone feel at home, or the inspiring mentor who cheers on our personal growth – let’s hear it!

Nominate any member who has touched your life, be it a local branch buddy, a sip-session companion, or a stellar board member. Share their stories and show how they sparkle in our community. It’s easy –  just three questions and can be as short and sweet as you like! Shout out here!

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