Bourbon Women is thrilled to announce the finalists competing in Louisville, KY for the title of best Amateur and Professional Not Your Pink Drink Cocktail on Nov 10th. Tickets for the in-person cocktail contest sponsored by Beam-Suntory’s James B. Beam Distilling Co and Maker’s Mark are available here.  Contestants from across the country entered their best bourbon cocktail as part of the annual competition celebrating bourbon in cocktails.

The cocktails from these ten finalists are designed to celebrate bourbon in all its fun and complexity in delicious and creative cocktails. The cocktails must embody the adventurous spirit of Bourbon Women and celebrate bourbon. The mixologists selected bourbons from a list provided by Beam Suntory: Jim Beam Black, Basil Hayden, Knob Creek, Maker’s Mark, Maker’s 46, and Maker’s Cask Strength. Beth Burrows of Beam Suntory will be on hand to MC the event and introduce all the finalists to attendees.

Finalists in both the amateur and professional categories compete in Louisville, KY on Nov 10th at the Levee Bourbon Lounge where the cocktails will be judged by bourbon and mixology experts including Victoria Russell Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer of Beam Suntory, Susan Reigler, bourbon authority, Felicia Corbett, Beverage Director at Trouble Bar, and Heather Wibbels, Managing Director of Bourbon Women. A People’s Choice cocktail will also be selected by attendees.  At the contest, attendees have the opportunity to sample cocktails from all 10 finalists.

Purchase your ticket for this fun bourbon cocktail event today.

Our finalists and their cocktails:

Professional Division

  • Margaret Luckett, Bar Manager of Everyday Kitchen Louisville: Hey June – Brown butter washed Knob Creek, banana liqueur, allspice dram, Nux Alpina, bitters, rosemary
  • Nichole Roberts, lead bartender at El Mero Taco: Sweater Weather – Jim Beam black, cranberry-infused mezcal, rosemary maple syrup, cinnamon tincture
  • Karla Green, Creative Director – Beverage at Watch Hill Proper: Saint & Siren – Maker’s 46, lemon, banana syrup, pineapple juice, Herbsaint
  • Ramona Jackson, the Bourbon Bohemian: Pom Beam Sizzle: Jim Beam Black – pomegranate juice, ghost pepper-rose-sage simple
  • Jessica Sarama, Bartender at Murphy’s Pub: Let Me Shoyu Something – Maker’s Cask Strength, lemon, tangerine, cinnamon-infused burnt sugar syrup, soy sauce

Amateur Division

  • Shannon Davis: Buck on Bourbon Street – Knob Creek, apple brandy, lemon oleo saccharum, bitters
  • Katie Mazur: Gingersnap – Knob Creek, gingersnap syrup, Nocino, bitters
  • Judy Routley: We’ve Come a Long Way, Margie – Makers Mark, dry curacao, Pamplemousse liqueur, grapefruit juice, honey
  • Krysia Rodak: Falling for You – Basil Hayden, apple brandy, chestnut syrup, bitters
  • Tina Tindall – Not Your Basic B*(bourbon) – Knob Creek, Amaro Montenegro, pear nectar, bitters, pumpkin spice syrup




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