Bourbon Women featured in a recent article on – May 14, 2020


Sure, the consumption of alcohol in the home has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, but do you know what else is trending? Reading. That age-old act of stowing away in a comfy corner and getting lost in a story, whether you’re physically flipping pages or scrolling along on an e-reader.

But before we get to our list, we should mention a similar concept the creative ladies of the Bourbon Women organization recently came out with for their members. Focused solely on bourbon, their “Book Picks & Sips” paired famous novels with suggestions on what bourbon to pour as you pore through pages.

I asked Bourbon Women President Kerri Richardson how the list came about.

“It seems like staying at home produced one of three responses among our friends: They started binging ‘Tiger King,’ they started baking sourdough bread, or they started reading the long-neglected stack of books on their nightstands,” she says. “At Bourbon Women, we figure every book deserves a bourbon to pair with it.”

Richardson believes many people are reading now more than ever, and with libraries offering more and more e-books and audiobooks, it makes access to classics even easier. There’s one in particular she intends to tackle soon.

“I joked with my mom that now would be the time for me to finally read The Grapes of Wrath, and wouldn’t you know it, I found an old paperback copy during my quarantine cleaning,” Richardson adds. “It’s natural during times of uncertainty, crisis or danger to seek guidance or solace from writers who have documented similar conditions, whether in novels or history books.”

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