Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is always coming up with new and great cocktail recipes. Experimenting at home with cocktails is a great way to gain the confidence you need to walk into a bar and order exactly what you want, and if you aren’t sure you have it you will at least know the right questions to ask.

Keeping some basic tools and ingredients on hand can mean you are prepared to throw together an amazing cocktail on a whim, and once you spend some time crafting excellent cocktails you will gain the confidence to try more advanced recipes. Every Bourbon lover should be able to make an Old Fashioned cocktail on a whim: all you need is whiskey, bitters, sweetener, and an orange. But sometimes you want to make something a little more involved than that.

Our very own Cocktail Contessa will be hosting a cocktail class that will include instructions on creating smoked cocktails at home (upcoming events here). You have the weekend to pull together some ingredients and try a new cocktail. Why not give this cocktail recipe a try? Leave us a comment to tell us how your experimentation went!

The Little Easy


1.5oz 1856 Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey (buy here)
.75oz grind espresso liqueur
.25oz cinnamon and juniper syrup
1 barspoon black walnut bitters
Lemon peel
Cinnamon, chicory & cedar smoked glass

Method: Add all liquid ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until cold. Pour into cinnamon, chicory & cedar smoked glass over one large ice cube. Garnish with an expressed lemon peel.

Fun Fact: To smoke the glass, take a cedar plank and place a small amount of ground chicory root and ½ a cinnamon stick on the board. Using a creme brulee torch, burn the chicory and cinnamon until smoking and place a double old-fashioned glass of them to capture the smoke.

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