PUBLISHED 7:53 PM ET JAN. 22, 2021

KENTUCKY — In what has sometimes appeared as a boys club throughout history, the realm of bourbon aficionados is actually teeming with accomplished women.

So says the incoming president of Bourbon Women. Maggie Kimberl took the helm this month, and spoke with Spectrum News about the industry.

“Being told, ‘My gosh, that’s a man’s industry. Is it uncomfortable?’ It’s like, not really, because it’s not actually just a man’s industry,” Kimberl remarked over a Friday Zoom interview. “There’s definitely that perception out there, but my goal, and the goal of bourbon women, is to challenge that perception and say, you know, women have actually been doing this for a really long time.”

Despite having to move events online, Bourbon Women reported a 25% increase in membership and now boasts members in 30 states, as well as Canada and Australia.

Continue reading and watch the interview over on Spectrum News 1.

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